Advantages of Professionally Printed Forms

In many companies or organizations, paper forms are a staple. Professionally printed forms are beneficial to many companies and even in the digital age there are many advantages to using printed forms. The team at Able Printing Services is here to help you chose the right option for your business or organization. Take a moment to consider the following.  

No power required

Paper forms don’t require a battery or Internet connection. If you have a flat surface, a pen and enough light to see, you’re in business!

Easy to transfer

What if you need to leave work early? With a paper form, you can hand the form to a coworker and ask them to complete it.

Low cost

Digital printing has made this process very cost effective.

Consumer Habits

Many businesses have point-of-sale systems that do everything on a tablet. Although this is quick and efficient for the business owner and his team to conduct transactions, it can leave customers feeling concerned about walking out without a paper receipt. Some consumers like to review things on paper and don’t want to print their transactions later.

Potential Hackers

When information is stored on paper and locked in file cabinets, someone would need to physically have access to the papers to steal information. Hackers don’t need to worry about this when everything is stored digitally. Business owners often get too busy to update software and virus protections, making it easier for hackers to install spyware, steal information or hijack company data.

Hardware or Software Issues

When everything is stored digitally, there is the potential that a system may crash and all information then becomes lost. Make sure to back up information regularly to ease the recovery process. However, this still creates an interruption in service to businesses, the same way that a power outage or an internet server issue would halt operations. Business owners should have contingency plans, in the event of a failure in digital information accessibility.

Signatures Required

Some documents must be signed in ink, with one copy given to the consumer and one kept on file. This is common in the financial services industries. In cases like this, going completely paperless is not an option, because of the legal ramifications involved with noncompliance.

We at Able Printing Services are here to help you make the most of your printing budget and we will guide you through the process of selecting the right option for your business.  


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