Benefits of Traditional Paper Invitations

Social media invites are certainly convenient. With the amount of time we spend on our phones and computers every day, it’s easy to send and receive these notices instantaneously. However, they don’t work for everyone. Physical, printed invitations have several advantages over digital. Here’s why you should be sending printed invitations for weddings, parties, and events instead of relying on social media alone.

It’s Tactile

From the moment a recipient opens the envelope and handles an invitation, they get a lot more information than they would from a purely visual online invite. Touch, smell, and sound make a powerful combination social media can’t yet replicate. The combination of sensory details combines to enhance what we call “tactile marketing:” using senses to enhance a connection with a product.

Naturally, social media uses only visual effects, and occasionally sound if an invite includes a video. Paper has that important power over digital-only products. While apps like Facebook may be convenient, your printed invitations will always have that edge. 


Another downside of social media invitations? On a platform, they probably all look the same except for a header image. Unless that header image stands out, along with fantastic copy, it’s likely easily forgotten.

A clever or eye-catching design on any printed invitation ensures it’ll stick around! Great color combinations and design elements entice recipients to hang onto the invitation. This, incidentally, works alongside touch marketing to create a connection with it. That, in turn, makes your recipient feel a connection with your upcoming event, and with you.


There’s a reason we still put invitations on the fridge. Among the slew of notifications and information on these websites, it’s easy to double-book or overlook an important event. However, combined with touch marketing and brilliant design, a physical invitation is likelier to stick around, and probably get a spot on a table, note board, or fridge. Unlike invitations that don’t use push notifications, that invitation will remind views every time they pass it.

Everyone has an address, not everyone has Facebook. Grandma, Great Aunt Meg, that one friend who’s sworn off social media; if the entire guest list isn’t email savvy or isn’t on the same network, digital event invites fall short and end up being more work for the host.

Make it clear who’s invited. Online invitations are addressed to a single profile or email address, so even if a host means to extend the invite to spouses, children or unknown “plus ones,” there’s no easy way to make that clear. A paper invite can be addressed to a family (“The Johnsons”), a couple (“Adam and guest”), or a single person (“Caroline Baldwin”).

It’s more personal 

Sending a physical invitation is more personal and it really stands out. Whether you are sending an invite for a personal event or a corporate one it tells the recreant that you care.

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