Postcards and how they can grow your business

Marketing by way of postcards is a great way to get someone’s attention especially in the digital era — remember postcards are delivered to your door, you actually have to touch them and there is great power in that. Also, depending on your type of business or organization, they can be used to inform others of what’s going on in your business, product discounts, and the addition of new services, for example. There are many advantages to using postcards for your business marketing campaigns. 


Postcard marketing is a great way to save on your marketing budget while still being able to get your message in front of your audience. They are inexpensive to get printed and cheaper than sending a letter. Sending mail in bulk drives down the cost, for instance. Businesses are also able to save on printing costs, as well as address labels and the time it takes to have your letters collated.


It is extremely straightforward for senders to track how successful their postcard promoting endeavors are. You know precisely what number of postcards were mailed, and what number of new requests, leads, or deals were created. As a result, you’ll have an idea if this type of marketing campaign works for your business or not. You can even use it to test several products to see which ones convert better. No need for learning difficult analytics to track your results; you’ll instantly know by the number inquiries made or response to questions you provided on your postcard, for example.

Drive Traffic

You can use postcards to drive traffic to your website or blog and increase customer engagement. You can direct them to your social media networks as well. Postcards are ideal for brief and to the point messages for getting visitors to visit your site or blog and/or your internet-based social networks. You can contact individuals to connect new audiences with promotional offers. For instance, you could offer a 10 percent discount off first time purchases if they like or love your business page(s).

Succinct Messaging

Your message is direct and to the point. No need to waste your recipients time especially when they have a million and one other things to do. A postcard keeps your message focused. And unlike some printed marketing materials, like folded leaflets or booklets, postcards are great for short bold messages with a strong call to action. Maintain short messages to keep your audience’s attention. Stay away from long sentences that test a recipient’s focus. The use exciting headlines and brief messages will usually do the trick.


Not only will your message be visible to your recipients, it is visible to all who encounter it before it reaches its intended destination. As such, giving you more chances of gaining traffic from many other others.

People Actually Read and Respond to Postcards

It may come as a surprise to know that approximately 79 percent of households who receive postcards, act on them immediately. And compared to the average online response rate, this is notable to say the least.

Postcards Have Marketing Reach

Most of us spend plenty of time online, but there are still some folks out there who don’t. Likewise, most people get out of the house on a regular basis, but some people prefer to stay at home. The great thing about postcard marketing is that it reaches everybody.

Despite what’s being said about traditional advertisement methods, postcards offer strong returns. A good return on your investment is more than likely to happen if your message resonates with your audience. Because of the lower expense and simple handling, you can recover your expenses swiftly.

Besides, postcards don’t need to be opened to be read. Your recipients will catch sight of your message just by picking up the mail, thereby, removing the risk of going straight to the trash bin.

You can also tie in your postcard mailing with online messaging so you can create a multi-channel approach to marketing.

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